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   ISEE Award

Indian Society of Extension Education has instituted several awards. These awards are conferred on high-caliber extension educationists in recognition of their meritorious services to the discipline of Extension Education.

1. Dr. D. K. MISHRA MEMORIAL AWARD : After the demise of Dr. D. K. Mishra, the then Director (Extension Education), Rajasthan Agricultural University Udaipur, his family donated Rs.1.00 lakh for institution of award. The ISEE has instituted Dr. D.K. Mishra Memorial Lecture Award. The recipient is expected to deliver a lecture on a topic related to transfer of technology approaches and extension service at the time of annual National Seminar. Applicants willing to contest may send their resume and a brief synopsis of the lecture in due time.

2. Dr. K.N. SINGH MEMORIAL AWARD : This Award is conferred on an Extension Scientist for excellence in extension research. Dr. K. N. Singh Memorial Award is wholly sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. Shankariah Chamala, and Dr. Shakuntala Chamala, Associate Professor of Agricultural Extension & Management, School of Natural Rural Systems Management, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. Dr. Chamala donated Rs. 50,000 (Rupees fifty thousand only) for this Award in the memory of his Guru, a great teacher and a leader in the discipline of Extension Education. Broad-guidelines to be used in assessing the worthiness of applicants are: 1. Research contributions 2. Problems investigated & solutions offered 3. Research funds mobilized from external resources, 4.Seminar/symposia/training organized based on research and 5. Contribution made to research methodology. Applications with two-page resume and reprints of five best research papers published in NAAS rating scientific journals be sent in due time.

3. Dr. O. P. DHAMA MEMORIAL AWARD This Award is given to an Extension Scientist for excellence in teaching and training. Broad guidelines to be used in assessing are: 1. No. of courses and credits taught 2. No. of students thesis guided, 3. No. of research papers published out of theses, 4. Innovations in classroom teaching, 5. No. of courses developed. 6. No. of papers presented in seminars/symposia, 7.Award/recognition received, 8. No. of text-books/ reference books written, 9. No. of Training programmes organized/participated in some capacity. Applications along with two page resume & supporting material relevant for award be sent in time.

4. Dr. G.S. VIDYARTHI MEMORIAL AAWARD This Award is given to an Extension Scientist for excellence in farm information communication and field extension services. Broad-guidelines in assessing for the award are: 1. No. of popular articles published, 2. Contributions made to the field extension methodology, 3. Extension approaches followed, 4. Impact of field extension services in terms of productivity, 5. Rewards/recognitions received for achievements made in field extension work, 6. Establishing functional linkage with research & state extension systems, 7. Instructional material developed. Applications along with a copy of two-page resume & supporting material relevant for the award be sent in time.

5. ISEE FELLOW AWARD This Award is given to six Extension Scientists for their outstanding contributions in the field of extension education. The modus operandi is to select one extensionist from each zone. The Vice-President, ISEE of respective zone in consultation with two other eminent extensionists will recommend two names. While recommending care is to be taken to ensure that the person is well experienced and has made significant contributions for advancing the cause of Extension Education discipline. In addition, applicant should be a well-known personality in Extension fraternity. Although age is no bar, it is considered appropriate if the awardees are still in active service. While applying for this award, a brief autobiography should also to be attached. The candidates may send application to their respective Zonal Vice-President, who in term send the recommendations to the President (ISEE) so as to reach in due time.

 6. YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD The awards are conferred to six young scientists, below the age of 45 years, for their outstanding contributions in the field of extension research and field extension services. Application along with resume, including date of birth and supporting material relevant to extension research and field extension services be sent in due time.

7. LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD The highest and the most prestigious ISEE-Award introduced in 1999 is conferred during National Seminar. Award is open to both Indians and the overseas Extension Professionals. Age, citizenship, and ISEE membership are no bar. Some of the guiding traits expected in the recipient are: “The recipient should have worked for decades and made substantial contribution to the discipline of Extension Education. The power and popularity enjoyed by the person is unquestionable. His / her work catapulted Him / her to fame. His / her talent and influence is undeterred in the discipline of Extension Education. His / her legacy is not only confined to his / her own achievements but has also generously imparted his / her knowledge and played mentor to next generation. The person is the king, technical wizardry, a new genre, and a cult-figure. He/she is a unique phenomenon and carries a dynamic personality. Any ISEE life-member can propose the name and two other eminent life-members should “Second” the nominee. Along with the nomination papers, comprehensive “Resume” of the nominee should be sent in time.

Note: ISEE also proposes Best Paper / Poster Presentation Awards (in each theme area) and Recognition Award / Certificate to eminent retired scientists participating in the seminar. ISEE also proposes the Appreciation Award/Certificate for outstanding contribution towards the supporting the ISEE work.

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